CDS Data Galaxy Platform

Delivering Full Data Management to the Enterprise

Since our inception, Cirrus Data Solutions has been searching for ways to make data management easier. With our patented Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology, we have paved the way to provide easy to use, easy to deploy, non-disruptive data management technology – including continuous data protection and data migration – across the enterprise.

Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) – The Core of Cirrus Data Solutions

TDI is the basis for all of Cirrus Data’s solutions and offers enormous flexibility for data centers to deliver data management services without concern of potential downtime. Properly managing your data – regardless if it’s on physical, virtual, or cloud storage – shouldn’t be challenging. Cirrus Data can provide easy-to-implement solutions that address your data management needs.

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Using TDI as a foundation, CDS created the Data Galaxy platform to provide truly plug-and-play, risk-free, no-downtime data management services for the enterprise.

There are several available Transparent Datapath Intercept insertion methods that can be used depending on your IT environment requirements and restrictions. None of the insertion methods require downtime for the client hosts or storage, nor do they disrupt the production environment.

With Cirrus Data’s DMS, you can manage your data easily regardless of storage infrastructure or internal requirements.