Discover how our products have helped those in the automotive sector

When a considerable automotive retail group with 5000 retail locations throughout the United Kingdom decided to update its existing legacy storage solution, it requested that the storage partner perform the Primary Site migration, but wished to perform the migration of the Disaster Recovery (DR) site on its own. An easy to use data migration solution was critical. Learn how this automotive group’s own storage used Cirrus Migrate On-Premises to meet all project goals.

This “Big Three” North American automobile manufacturer had a mix of AIX clients – some LPAR SAN boot, some standalone application servers, and a number of PowerHA clients. Cirrus Data had the only solution capable of disconnecting (unmasking) and powering down the company’s A9000 arrays while LPARs/applications were still operational, and connecting the clients to the new storage, allowing for a future cutover when the timing was more convenient for storage administrators and application owners.