Cirrus Data is a Dell Technologies Partner and the market leader in block data mobility technology. Cirrus Data continually develops technical solutions for the seamless migration of any block workload to block-based storage on any Dell Technologies platform, including PowerFlex on-premises or in the cloud. Across industries and geographies, Cirrus Data and Dell Technologies work together to move organizations onto their new storage 4 – 6 times faster than traditional methods.

Our patented solutions enable organizations around the globe to migrate live production data onto their new Dell Technologies environment. Accelerate your move to Dell and take advantage of all the benefits of PowerFlex in the cloud quickly, including compression, de-duplication, and thin provisioning.

Key Benefits

Migrate Live

Live Traffic Migration

Move your live data onto your new Dell Technologies platform without taking your application or operating system offline and quickly take advantage of compression, de-duplication, and thin provisioning in the cloud


Simplify Your Move to Dell Technologies

Migrate any block storage platform, application, or operating system to Dell – no exceptions, even across different topologies, and from on-premises to cloud

Automate / Accelerate

Automate and Accelerate

Advanced automation with patented software enables you to modernize your storage 4x – 6x faster, all while significantly reducing the risk of human error

Unlimited Flexibility

Unlimited Flexibility

Migrate from any block storage to Dell without waiting, without complexity, and perform it all with near-zero downtime – including cutover

Just a few customers who accelerated their move
to Dell Technologies with Cirrus Data


Customer Spotlight

Energy Delivery & Materials Company Case Study

A US-based energy delivery and construction materials group serving over a million customers was looking to replace its end-of-life Dell storage array and move to new Dell storage across network topologies – in this case, iSCSI to Fibre Channel. The data migration process was expected to take several weeks, but the migration of all data was completed ahead of schedule while the site was in production. The company noted that there was no impact to production workflows or processes during migration, and that from start to finish, the entire data migration process – including data migration and final cutover – was accomplished within one week.

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