You no longer have to navigate painful cloud migrations with long delays. Cirrus Migrate Cloud is a Migration-as-a-Service solution specifically built to migrate block-level storage data to and between clouds with near-zero downtime. Using CMC’s web-based portal in the Cirrus Data Cloud, you can now migrate your block data and applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in a fraction of the time and cost without compromising on security.

Cirrus Migrate Cloud is a patented software solution created to help customers move data from any block storage to OCI simply, efficiently, securely, and with minimal impact on production operations. In addition, Cirrus Migrate Cloud is block storage device agnostic, giving customers a single software solution for all their block data migration requirements.

The right cloud migration software-based solution reduces the migration time, complexity, and cost and significantly reduces downtime, in some cases down to zero.


Harness the Power of OCI

Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) is the fastest, simplest, and most powerful migration-as-a-service tool for migration of block-level storage data from anywhere to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with minimal disruption and with zero or low downtime measured in minutes or seconds. CMC is a solution within the Cirrus Data Cloud. A web-based GUI is used to deploy, configure and manage migrations. Customers can run thousands of migration sessions without bottlenecks and without deploying any physical or virtual appliances.


Cirrus Data for Cloud Migration

Block storage cloud migration is a critical need. Cirrus Migrate Cloud is a purpose-built Migration-as-a-Service solution that uses a web-based portal to migrate block-level storage data to and between clouds. Read the whitepaper to learn more:

  • Deliver the right quality of service during a 24×7 online data migration
  • Maximize storage bandwidth utilization during the migration process