Data friction is one of the top reasons organizations delay block data migration to the cloud. The time, energy, and management required with traditional tools all add up to a headache preventing the adoption of a cost-effective, better-performing environment. There is another option! Cirrus Migrate Cloud™ (CMC) eliminates data friction with a cloud-native approach to block storage data mobility.

Cirrus Migrate Cloud is the only patented migration-as-a-service solution that delivers large-scale block storage data mobility with near-zero downtime and no security compromises. Cirrus Migrate Cloud is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure to accelerate the migration of any block data – simply, efficiently, and securely.

As a software-only solution, there are no on-site physical or virtual appliances. Organizations can deploy thousands of host-based migration sessions with limitless scalability and without creating bottlenecks. An intuitive web interface provides visibility and management of all migration sessions on a single screen, streamlining the entire migration.

Rapid deployment, scalability, and automation result in migrations typically completed 40-60% faster than those using third-party tools. Automated discovery and host selection also protect data integrity by eliminating the risk of human errors that commonly occur when administrators are required to engage manually throughout the migration process.

Another unique benefit of Cirrus Migrate Cloud is its ability to eliminate business disruption. Our patented software enables host applications to continue running throughout the deployment, migration, and even during cutover from old storage to new storage. It is now possible to migrate to the cloud with zero downtime.


See Cirrus Migrate Cloud with Azure

Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) is one the fastest, simplest, and most powerful migration-as-a-service solutions for the migration of block-level storage data. You can migrate from any block storage to Microsoft Azure with a minimally disruptive migration (MDM) and limited to zero downtime that is measured in minutes or seconds. An intuitive web-based interface is used to deploy, configure and manage your migrations. And, with unlimited scalability, you can run thousands of migration sessions without bottlenecks.


Cirrus Data for Cloud Migration

Block storage cloud migration is a critical need. Cirrus Migrate Cloud is a purpose-built Migration-as-a-Service solution that uses a web-based portal to migrate block-level storage data to and between clouds. Read the whitepaper to learn more:

  • Deliver the right quality of service during a 24×7 online data migration
  • Maximize storage bandwidth utilization during the migration process