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“Enterprise Application Migration in Hybrid Clouds” White Paper, June 2021 by Evaluator Group

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Begin your journey to Azure confidently. Our YouTube channel offers a collection of technical and short videos that show you how easy it is to get started with Azure. See how select the right storage level for your storage environment. Learn how to migrate your workloads live. Then visit Cirrus Data on the Azure Marketplace or talk with one our data migration experts live.

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Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) is one the fastest, simplest, and most powerful migration-as-a-service solutions for the migration of block-level storage data. You can migrate from any block storage to Microsoft Azure with a minimally disruptive migration (MDM) and limited to zero downtime that is measured in minutes or seconds. An intuitive web-based interface is used to deploy, configure and manage your migrations. And, with unlimited scalability, you can run thousands of migration sessions without bottlenecks.