Achieve simplicity, visibility, and flexibility.

Stay in control of where your data lives with industry-leading data migration management, automation, real-time visibility, and simplified operations. Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) is an appliance-based solution that enables data mobility between any block storage, any OS, and any location. With an intuitive management platform, you have visibility into all your migrations on the Cirrus Migrate On-Premises appliance.

Keep your applications and workloads connected and secure for exceptional productivity. With Cirrus Migrate On-Premises, you can start your block storage migration without rebooting or reconfiguring multi-path drivers. Additionally, you never need to compromise on security. You data remains secure and compliant.

Whether your network is fibre-channel, iSCSI, or both, Cirrus Migrate On-Premises provides a single solution that can migrate data locally in the same data center or remotely including to the cloud over IP using native encryption and compression.

Cirrus Migrate On-Premises is an appliance-based solution for any block storage migration.

Data Migration Automation


Automated storage provisioning and allocation eliminates the chance for human error during one of the most tedious phases of the migration process. Developed for a range of storage solutions, the included storage plug-ins significantly reduce time by automatically provisioning and allocating new storage directly from the migration session. Cirrus Migrate On-Premise creates the volumes, names them, and pairs them with the correct source volumes for simplified data migration.


Today’s business requires a modern storage network with the performance, reliability, and cost to help the organization thrive. Add to this a volatile macro environment, and it is easy to understand why enterprises require the ability to pivot their data strategy quickly. Data mobility is essential to growth. With Cirrus Migrate On-Premises delivers an unrivaled level of flexibility. Our solution empowers you to move as much data concurrently as your network can handle. This kind of power will help you stay agile and responsive in today’s fast-paced world.

Unparalleled Scalability
Migration Windows are no longer a worry with CDS


Imagine being able to dynamically adjust the pace of your data migration based on the real-time usage of applications. It is no longer a dream.

Our unique iQoS (Intelligent QoS) functionality lets you start migrating live data without impacting the production environment. Based on your preferences, Cirrus Migrate On-Premises will use all the available bandwidth to accelerate the pace of migration. If usage of the application changes, Cirrus Migrate On-Premises will automatically adjust to adhere to the thresholds you established. The feature also enables time-based rules to accelerate or slow down the migration based on your business calendar.

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