Modern data centers provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, performance, and opportunities for optimization. Most organizations today have more than one cloud incorporated into their data strategy. While the usage of a multi-cloud strategy varies significantly between organizations, there is no question that being able to rapidly adapt your data storage to fit a constantly changing business environment has enormous benefits.

For years, businesses across the globe have relied on Cirrus Migrate On-Premises to transition mission-critical workloads between storage vendors and environments rapidly. Storage refresh, end-of-life rescue plans, and data center consolidation were standard use cases for our customers. In recent times, new opportunities have emerged.

Breaking Down Barriers

Most businesses refresh their block storage products about every five years. While there is always a block migration project just around the corner, the historical pain associated with moving workloads is enough to cause storage administrators to wait as long as possible. For Cirrus Data customers, a collision of factors has changed their approach to data migration.

Cirrus Migrate On-Premises Dashboard

Cirrus Migrate On-Premises Dashboard

Importantly, Cirrus Migrate On-Premises offers an entirely different way to migrate block storage. Tedious manual tasks are now automated. There is no need to reboot or restart applications to insert Cirrus Migrate On-Premises into the storage area network (SAN) or start migrating the block storage. The solution doesn’t introduce new risks or compromise security. And you can monitor and get intelligent insights from a user-friendly dashboard.

What once took weeks and months to schedule and complete is now seamless to the business. For Cirrus Migrate On-Premises customers, migrating the workloads is the easy part of implementing a new storage strategy.

The dynamic acceleration in new storage architectures and the desire to harness multi-block storage environments have also changed how organizations think about data migration. Historically, block migrations were distinct and limited to what was necessary. Today, we find organizations with an ongoing need for data mobility to execute their strategy. The volume of data that needs to be migrated is also more significant.

New Cirrus Migrate On-Premises

The latest release of Cirrus Migrate On-Premises is now generally available and once again raises the bar on data mobility. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Increased Flexibility. Cirrus Migrate On-Premises has supported both fibre channel (FC) and iSCSI-based storage arrays. Our latest Cirrus Migrate Cloud release offers the ability to switch from FC to iSCSI within the same appliance. You no longer need a dedicated appliance for each type of storage fabric. Additionally, migrating data from FC storage to iSCSI or vice versa is now seamless.
  • Hyper Scalability. Today’s business requires a modern storage network with the performance, reliability, and cost to help the organization thrive. Add to this a volatile macro environment, and it is easy to understand why enterprises require the ability to pivot their data strategy quickly. Data mobility is essential to growth. Cirrus Migrate On-Premises delivers unparalleled migration capability enabling you to migrate as much data as your network can handle. This kind of power will help you stay agile and responsive in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Breakthrough Productivity. One of the challenges for real-time data mobility is coordinating downtime or maintenance windows. Cirrus Migrate On-Premises now includes the ability to have zero downtime in clustered storage environments. With our patented technology, businesses migrating from a clustered architecture can cutover to new storage entirely online. The functionality, called zMotion™, enables the entire migration operation to be executed without any downtime from deployment through migration and cutover.

The latest release for Cirrus Migrate On-Premises is a significant upgrade and delivers important new functionality based on customer requests. Today’s business environment is extraordinarily complex, and organizations need to be agile and fast to win. Ready to make your data mobility strategy part of your competitive advantage? Click here for a demo, and see the premiere below.