Turbocharge Your Cloud Migration

By |September 9th, 2021|

In the world of cloud migration, there are plenty of “free” tools. We have found that these tools, while functional, aren’t free if you value your time, application uptime, and telco bandwidth. About everyone has some project to get some portion of their infrastructure in the cloud, and the first step is to get there from their current on-premises infrastructure. The first step in getting there is to conduct a pilot with minimal investment to [...]

Public Cloud Migration with Cirrus Migrate Cloud

By |August 26th, 2021|

Many organizations still have on-premises implementations of their most business-critical applications. They haven’t been able to take advantage of the increased operational flexibility that moving to the cloud offers for data storage. The reasons behind the trend to put more core infrastructure in the cloud are clear. The challenge is migrating to the cloud simply and quickly to avoid downtime and continue operations as a company would when using an on-premises environment. The new Cirrus [...]

Installing and Running MySQL in the Cloud

By |August 11th, 2021|

One of the most popular open-source business applications used in the clouds is MySQL relational database (RDBMS). This application can run on either Linux or Microsoft Windows OS'. Many users use on-site implementations of their most business-critical databases but are hesitant to move them to the cloud. Yet, with the proliferation of public clouds, many businesses are looking to move their databases to the cloud as operational flexibility is better than on-premises. The trend [...]

Installing and Running PostgreSQL in the Cloud

By |July 21st, 2021|

Cirrus Data Solutions offers data migration services for customers seeking to move from on-premises installations to the cloud. In this blog, I will discuss migrating a PostgreSQL open-source database application's block data to any cloud. Although PostgreSQL is open-source, some adjustments are needed to the installation procedure to run successfully in the cloud after the migration is complete. Cirrus Data's customers use our web-based Cirrus Migrate Cloud software to migrate their data to any cloud. [...]

Data Migration with a Remote Workforce

By |April 28th, 2020|

They are counting on you. You can count on us. The unprecedented times we are living through have brought many realities into sharp focus. As our first responders and healthcare workers race to care for the people our communities, the other essential members of our society have also continued to face the challenges of this time. Delivering goods, serving customers at grocery stores and pharmacies, keeping our public infrastructure operating seamlessly, and supporting the other [...]

Data Migration in the New “Normal”

By |April 6th, 2020|

IT New Normal First and foremost - Cirrus Data and I join the chorus of people offering their deepest sympathy to those directly impacted by COVID-19. We are also extending our heartfelt thanks to the many folks on the frontline who are fearlessly and tirelessly working to keep our communities healthy, safe, and fed. That said, in IT, we often live in a world that is unique to us. We operate in the background keeping [...]


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