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Reduce Your Cloud Storage Costs with AWS and Cirrus Would a savings of 50% or more on your cloud storage costs relieve the stress on your budget? Join Randy Seamans of AWS, and Mark Greenlaw of Cirrus Data for a look at how it is now possible, along with real-world examples. You’ll discover how Cirrus Migrate Cloud can help you start realizing the benefits of FSxN sooner with no downtime. It will be an interactive event, so register today and bring your questions! Wednesday, June 1st 11am EST

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Get Modern with Zero Downtime

Join Henson Group and Cirrus Data to see how you can accelerate your migration to Azure without disrupting your business. As an exclusive Azure Expert MSP, Henson Group leads hundreds of organizations through their digital transformation initiatives. See how you can modernize with Azure and start taking advantage of the benefits sooner with Cirrus Data and Henson Group.

Original Broadcast – April 2022

Optimize Your Cloud Block Spend with Amazon FSxN and Cirrus Data

Join AWS and Cirrus Data for a live interactive discussion the cost benefits of moving your block-level data to Amazon FSxN with Cirrus Data. Reduce the complexity and accelerate your block-level data migration. With zero downtime and zero disruption, you’ll start realizing the cost benefits of Amazon FSxN sooner. View the webcast today and see how you can start optimizing your cloud block investment.

Original Broadcast – April 2022

Optimizing Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Ready to fall in love with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP? View our webinar for an interactive discussion on what makes Cloud Volumes ONTAP standout. You’ll also see the new Cirrus Migrate Cloud and how easy it is to migrate your data to ONTAP in record time.

Original Broadcast – March 2022

Simplify Your On-Premises Block Data Migration

Cirrus Migrate Cloud can not only speed your migration to any cloud, but it can also be used to seamlessly tackle your local migration as well. Learn how with our data mobility and storage experts, Mark Greenlaw and Sorin Faibish. Then check out our Cirrus Migrate On-Premises webpage for more information.

Original Broadcast – January 2022

Turbocharge Your Cloud Migration

In less than 45 minutes, our data mobility and storage experts, Mark Greenlaw and Sorin Faibish, will explain the economics behind data mobility. You’ll learn how today’s leading organizations are moving to and from the cloud, will get access to a business case for cloud data migration. And, you’ll learn first-hand how you can accelerate your data mobility.

Original Broadcast – December 2021

Improve Cloud Storage ROI with Pure Storage and Cirrus Data

This webinar will go over new Pure Cloud Block Store features, integrations and services to accelerate your cloud journey. We will learn how Pure Storage Cloud Block Store provides efficient enterprise data services and data protection for public, multi, and hybrid cloud architectures, see how Pure and Cirrus work together to make cloud migrations simple, fast, and non-disruptive.

Original Broadcast – August 2021

Data Migration – Sync Snap Test

When your organization is ready to bring new storage online or to begin using the cloud, you will find yourself facing a data migration project. It seems like it should be straightforward to move any data or applications onto the new technology, but you’ll quickly find any data migration project will be littered with exceptions. Learn about a solution that doesn’t come with a list of exceptions.

Original Broadcast – January 6, 2020

Announcing DMSv5: Data Galaxy

The future has arrived!  With the release of DMSv5: Data Galaxy, Cirrus Data has delivered on it’s vision to provide a easy to deploy, storage agnostic solution for the enterprise that includes true Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Copy Data Management (CDM) functionality.  With this new release, your organization can surgically repair damaged or corrupted data through our patented “time machine” capability, efficiently provide mirror stand-in for the primary storage in the event of a failure, and automatically dedupe and compress data as low as 4k block sizes to yield the most optimal block-level dedupe ratio enabling you to save valuable storage space and reduce cost.

Original Broadcast – May 9, 2019

Unleash the Power of DMS

Cirrus Data DMS for Data Migration is an industry leader in block-level heterogeneous data migration.  With DMS you can easily migrate from any host, any OS and any storage array to any location.  Powered by the Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology, DMS eliminates the need to reboot, change multi-path drivers or modify existing SAN configurations. Whether your network is fibre-channel, iSCSI, or both, DMS provides a single solution that can migrate data locally in the same data center or remotely over IP using native encryption and compression. Are you ready to unleash the power of DMS?  View this replay to see this in-depth demo on how you can take the challenges and risks out of your next data migration project.

Original Broadcast – December 6, 2018

What to Consider When Choosing a Data Migration Solution

You have just purchased that new storage array, now what? How will you get your data to the new array the easiest, fastest, and least intrusive way possible? There are many options in the market today to move data. Which is best for your company and your requirements to make sure you can use that new storage quickly, with little to no downtime, and with no disruptions or impact to current workflow or processes?  In this Tech Talk Thursday presentation, CDS solutions engineer  Marty Dahl discusses three categories of data migration solutions: Storage Array-Based, Host Based, and Appliance Based solutions. The pros and cons of each type are discussed, along with guidelines on when to use them, and most importantly, when not to.

Original Broadcast – October 11, 2018

Announcing the New DMS 4.3 Platform

Cirrus Data Solutions continues to revolutionize the way organizations with heterogeneous storage environments can manage their data. With the new DMS 4.3, we continue to add functionality to our data migration capabilities as well as add new ways to protect your customer’s data in the case of a disaster. In this Tech Talk Thursday, the experts at Cirrus Data discuss the new advancements in our DMS 4.3 platform and provide a sneak peek of what is to come!

Original Broadcast – September 6, 2018

Automating Data Migration with DMS

In this third webcast in our “Tech Talk” partner training series, CDS PS Engineer Martin Dahl takes a closer look at automating the data migration process, specifically: Taking guesswork out of allocating new storage using DMS storage plugins, maximizing the performance of migrations using CDS’ unique Intelligent Quality of Service (iQoS), and using migration throttling settings for both local and remote data migrations.

Original Broadcast – August 23, 2018

Path Insertion for Fibre Channel and iSCSI

CDS PS Engineer Martin Dahl takes a closer look at the first step in the data migration process: insertion. Martin delves into the specific Path Insertion method including what you need to consider and prepare for based on your customer’s infrastructure and data management requirements.

Original Broadcast – July 19, 2018

Datapath Interception Methods

CDS PS Engineer Martin Dahl takes a closer look at the first step in the data migration process: insertion. He delves into all the insertion methods available thanks to Cirrus Data’s patented Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology. During each section, he discusses what you need to consider for each method based on your customer’s infrastructure and data management requirements. A Q&A session follows the presentation.

Original Broadcast – June 14, 2018

A Smooth Migration to Flash Based Storage

If migrating your data to Flash storage is in your plans, join subject matter-experts from Cirrus Data, Pure Storage and Brocade to learn how these three companies have made it simpler than ever to migrate data from your legacy SAN to a new Flash system.

Original Broadcast – March 9, 2017

Managing the Cut Over of Your Data Migration Project

In this third webcast in a three part series, we will examine managing the final cutover process of your storage data migration. With topics covering how and when to cut over as well as how to scrub your old system efficiently for later use or return to the manufacturer, this is a not-to-be-missed webcast to ensure your next data migration project is successful!

Original Broadcast – December 20, 2016

Streamlining Your Storage Data Migration

In this second webcast in a three part series, we will examine ways to streamline and simplify the actual storage data migration. With topics covering how to migrate, when to migrate and how to ensure the best performance for your endusers, this is a not to be missed webcast to ensure your next data migration project is successful!

Original Broadcast – November 29, 2016

Better Performance Out of Your Existing Storage Environment

Do you have application performance issues but limited capital to buy new storage? Learn how Bryan Sampson of Miner increased his storage performance with Cirrus Data Solution’s Data Caching Server. Together with AJ Mojaddidi of Key Cyber Solutions, we will discuss how easy it is to boost performance while planning for that next storage refresh.

Original Broadcast – November 2, 2016

Planning A Storage Data Migration

Storage data migration has many moving parts and can quickly become an overwhelming task. During this three part series, Cirrus Data Solutions will look at how properly planning, streamlining the actual migration, and finally developing a cut over strategy can make your largest data migrations…simple.

Original Broadcast – October 25, 2016

Online Migration of FC SAN to the Cloud

Whether your remote migration project is to a physical, virtual, or cloud environment, it should not require different tools to accomplish each. We will show you how each type of these migrations can be done using the same tool and can be performed live without ever affecting production until ready to cut-over to the destination.

Original Broadcast – June 4, 2015

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