As technology matures, it usually evolves in one of 2 ways; it either becomes feature rich and harder to use, or it becomes more commoditized and easier to use. When it comes to dealing with enterprise solutions, it is rarely the latter. Working with enterprise storage solutions normally took technical talent that knew how to program and were well versed in multiple operating systems. Deploying new enterprise storage solutions usually meant scheduling multiple meetings with different departments to try and schedule down time, so that systems could be rebooted after loading new S/W…and then pray that everything came back up.

Here at Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS) we want to eliminate the pain points in deploying new storage solutions. We developed a technology called Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI). The technology is so innovative that it was granted a patent in just 6 months, (US Patent No. 8,255,538), as it takes all of the pain points of installing an appliance into a SAN. The technology was built on the philosophy that the appliance should look like a wire when installed to both the hosts and storage. The installation process is a matter of removing each FC connection between the switch and storage and connecting it on the appliance; a process that takes just 5 seconds per path! To install an appliance with 4 paths, the total time is less than a minute, and in an HA solution, less that 2 minutes. And if there is ever a problem, the appliances can be uninstalled just as fast.

The technology is used as the base for all CDS solutions and offers enormous flexibility for data centers to pick and choose their storage vendor without being concerned about potential down time. Migrating data or installing a flash based cache solution shouldn’t take IT organizations months to complete and CDS can provide you the solutions to address these requirements.

To see how TDI works, please view the video on our Technology page: