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Customer TypeMajor Telecommunications Company
Customer SectorTelecommunications
Source StorageEMC vPlex
Target StorageVarious
Number of Hosts & Clusters11
Host TypesWindows, Solaris, ESX
Host ApplicationsDatabase, Application, Web, File Servers
Replication TypeRemote
Number of CMO and model8x CMO4000
Insertion MethodHost Side




• Migrate two shared data centers — one in Delaware and one in Connecticut — to a new Google Colocation data center in Virginia

• No downtime allowed until cut-over

• Migration must take place using MPLS WAN connections

• Shared data center does not allow performance impact to other tenants who share the storage

• CMO appliances can be deployed for migration using host-side insertion, which adheres to multi-tenant security requirements

• CMO facilitates mapping of entire SAN even when using host-side insertion, allowing client LUNs to be identified for migration

• Simultaneous migration of both sites can be accomplished using remote migration, with data consolidated on destination storage

• CMO allows cut-over to new storage to be conducted in minutes once migration has completed

• No downtime was necessary for deployment, and no changes were made to shared storage infrastructure

• Remote migration allowed consolidation of two data centers in two states to be consolidated at one site in a third state

• The simplicity of CMO allowed entire migration operation to be managed remotely

• Host-side insertion provided storage migration from a complex IaaS multi-tenant environment


When a major telecommunications firm with production sites located in CSC shared data centers in Connecticut and Delaware was purchased by a major dot-com, the dot-com decided to consolidate the storage to a Google Colocation facility in Virginia.

The CSC data centers required any migration appliance to pass a colocation security scan and to operate in lock-down mode. Additionally, since the data center was a multi-tenant environment, there were restrictions on attaching anything to shared storage arrays. Adding to the complexity of the migration, no downtime would be tolerated until cut-over.

Cirrus Data’s Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO), with its patented TDI technology and ease of use, made it the perfect choice for this migration. CMO’s flexibility allowed the appliance to be inserted on the hostside, where no changes to the storage environment and no downtime would be necessary. Since the data centers were hosted in three different states, CMO demonstrated the ability to migrate a large amount of data using only TCP/IP connections with compression and encryption. Utilizing CMO’s auto-allocation feature, the entire SAN was mapped (even with host-side insertion), allowing client LUNs to be identified for migration and new LUNs to be automatically created on the destination storage and matched with existing host LUNs, alleviating the need for hours of manual and error-prone processes.

The entire migration operation was managed remotely by a team of IT professionals and once again proved that CMO is the least intrusive way to migrate and consolidate storage among different storage subsystems in multiple locations. The purchasing dot-com was able to successfully access all application servers and data from its data center in a timely manner and was extremely pleased with CMO’s friendly usability and I/O efficiency.