Discover how our products have protected data in the DR services sector

Customer TypeTop Five DR Firm in APAC
Customer SectorDisaster Recovery Services
Primary StorageEMC – Huawei – HDS
Journal StorageSSD
Number of HostsOver 800 Linux and Windows
Applications ProtectedOracle, SQL, ERP, CRM, Web
Total Data ProtectedOver 650TB
Remote Replication IntervalEvery 30 minutes, over 78K snapshots avail
Number of AppliancesSix CPO (DGS) Appliances




• A non-disruptive deployment for on-premises data protection

• Minimum impact on production I/O

• Business continuity with best possible RPO / RTO

• Copy Data Management requirement for testing, report, backup

• Compatibility requirements for most Enterprise Linux kernels, Windows Server family

• Remote replication / disaster recovery ready

• mTDI agents seamlessly installed on hundreds of individual hosts

• SSD-based I/O journaling

• Flexible snapshot policy for total data recovery

• Continuous data protection with TimeWalker surgical data repair

• De-duplicated data repository

• Zero-impact deployment of mTDI agents and Cirrus Protect On-Premises

• Continuous data protection

• Worry-free ransomware protection, virus protection with total recovery


One of the top five disaster recovery solutions providers in APAC was looking for a DR solution that it could offer to its customers, which include some of the largest telecom companies, universities, energy companies, financial institutions, as well as a stock exchange. The chosen solution would form the backbone of the firm’s DR practice and would need to provide the best RPO and RTO so that the company could be adaptive and responsive to its major clients’ DR needs.

Additionally, the company required a comprehensive Data Copy Management framework which would allow creation of parallel testing, backup, and reporting environments, while not touching production data. The solution would also need to be deployed nondisruptively due to the 24/7 access required by customers.

Eight Cirrus Protect On-Premises appliances were deployed in the spring of 2020, with each appliance protecting approximately 100 Linux and Windows hosts. Cirrus’ patented mTDI agents were installed on each client with no downtime, essentially implementing the Cirrus Protect solution from the client side.

Two local sites were configured to continuously mirror data to each other, while a copy of the data was also replicated to a remote location every thirty minutes. In the case of local data center failure, the replica could quickly and seamlessly stand-in for the production site.

Over 78,000 snapshots are available at any given time for data backup and recovery purposes, as well as for creating staging environments for testing server upgrades. With Cirrus Protect On-Premises, these actions can be always be conduducted at any time of day without production impact.

Over the last year, Cirrus Protect’s built-in dedupe engine has achieved a 4:1 data reduction ratio, saving the company a tremendous amount of money due to lowered storage requirements.

Cirrus Data ensures that the storage service is always available. Even in a worst-case scenario of total production storage loss due to ransomware or virus attack, Cirrus Protect’s TimeWalker feature provides the ability to roll back production data prior to the malware event, with the industry’s best RPO and RTO.

For more minor issues, companies can use Cirrus Protect’s surgical repair to restore only the data that is damaged or deleted.

Cirrus Protect On-Premises has been running in this DR firm’s production environment for two years now, and it saved the company from a major ransomware incident as well as a number of virus attacks.

Due to the various time and cost benefits realized from deploying the Cirrus Protect solution, the firm plans to double its Cirrus Protect footprint in the coming year.