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Customer TypeInsurance Software Provider
Customer SectorInsurance
Source StorageHDS / NetApp
Target StoragePure Storage
Number of Hosts & Clusters320 hosts, multiple multi-node clusters
Host TypesOracle, Linux, Windows
Host ApplicationsMS SQL Clusters, Oracle RAC, other insurance-specific apps
Replication TypeLocal Migration
Number of CMO and model2 x CMO8000
Insertion MethodPath Insertion




  • Replace aging storage in two data centers with Pure FlashArrays to improve performance, simplify management, and boost energy efficiency.
  • Needed to migrate 2.5PB of essential block data in only six months, including many industry-specific applications with multiple dependencies that would not allow host migrations or downtime.
  • Manage a complex storage environment with a wide variety of host types, storage vendors, and configurations. Because there were multiple vendors involved, native vendor tools could not deliver the seamless migration that was needed.
  • Customer needed expert data migration professionals to manage, coordinate, and perform the 2.5PB data migration so the company’s internal team could prioritize more strategic projects.
  • The customer engaged the Cirrus Data professional services team to oversee the complex data migration, trusting their experience and the any-to-any connectivity of Cirrus Data technology.
  • The Cirrus Data professional services team deployed the Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) solution to migrate the 2.5 PB of block data from HDS and NetApp storage to the new Pure Storage arrays.
  • Cirrus Migrate On-Premises uses pMotion technology to quickly perform the migration without forcing downtime, enabling the Cirrus Data team to insert the
    appliances into the customer’s systems and remove them with zero impact to critical applications and databases.
  • When the customer realized its Oracle RAC instances would require dedicated resources to achieve a no-impact migration, the Cirrus Data team worked with their DBAs, Linux administrators, and other stakeholders to segment off these instances in their own migration wave, enabling zero impact migrations for the customer and their clients.
  • Completed the entire storage refresh within the six-month timeline, achieving a 300% reduction in the previous time taken to migrate and cutover 2.5 PB of storage.
  • Customer is reaping the efficiency and performance rewards of its new Pure Storage arrays, all without experiencing any impact to business operations or clients.
  • Streamlined data migration because Cirrus Data is pre-tested with Pure Storage and has any-to-any integration with all the customer’s block storage vendors. This enabled a truly seamless migration even in a complex environment.
  • Because the project management, coordination, and migration were entirely handled by the Cirrus Data team, the customer’s internal team could prioritize strategic projects without distraction.


An investment in storage technology is an investment in the future. By refreshing the legacy storage housing critical databases and applications, organizations can make accessing that data easier and faster while also improving energy efficiency. These performance improvements drove a major insurance software provider to plan an upgrade to its aging HDS and NetApp arrays. By adopting all-flash arrays from Pure Storage, the software provider would be empowered to better serve its more than 21,000 agency partners.

However, this migration was not going to be simple. The company had only six months to migrate 2.5PB of block data across 320 hosts in two separate data centers. And downtime was not an option. The 24/7 demand cycle of the insurance industry meant that the migration needed to be completed without impacting key applications and databases. In addition, because there were multiple storage vendors involved, using native vendor migration tools would force delays and downtime that the customer could not afford.

It was time to turn to a trusted data mobility partner. The software company engaged Cirrus Data and its professional services team to own the complex migration. A key driver of this choice was the pMotion technology in the Cirrus Data On-Premises solution. pMotion would enable the Cirrus Data team to rapidly perform the complex migration without requiring any downtime to critical applications or databases.

The Cirrus Data team worked closely with the customer’s internal experts across business units, managing every aspect of the complex migration with efficiency and communication. This collaboration was especially important when the customer realized their Oracle RAC instances had special performance needs that would require dedicated migration resources. The Cirrus Data team stepped up to the challenge, working with the customer’s DBAs and administrators to segment off the Oracle instances in their own migration wave.

The result? A seamless migration of 2.5PB of mission-critical block data with zero downtime or impact to key applications. By partnering with Cirrus Data, the customer achieved a 300% improvement in the time taken to migrate and cutover their 2.5PB of storage – all within the target timeline and without any business disruption. Now the insurance software company had the high performing and efficient storage they needed for the future, and their partnership with Cirrus Data was that much stronger.