Learn how healthcare and life science organizations harness Cirrus Migrate solutions to unlock the full potential of today’s digital health.

A Healthcare Service Provider used Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) to migrate file server data running on Windows Server 2003 Dynamic Volumes to a remote data center in another state running a Windows Server 2012 cluster.

Once inserted into the SAN environment, CMO helped identify a healthcare network’s intermittent storage array issues.

CDS provided training and SME assistance to a medical equipment distributor for a data migration project. Using CMO, the company’s remote IT contractor performed the migration with no face-to-face contact with CDS, and did it under-budget and on time.

CDS worked with multiple partners to ensure this pharmaceutical/healthcare giant’s data was successfully migrated from numerous SAN islands to a single dual-fabric SAN without any disruption to the production environment.

HIPAA requirements and an extremely tight timeline jeopardized this Healthcare Case Management company’s data migration plans. CMO, implemented and administered by first-time CDS partner Contour Data Solutions, surpassed all expectations, resulting in Contour requiring CMO for all its future data migration projects.

One of the largest health insurance organizations in the US was facing a tight deadline to retire its end-of-lease storage, and yet could tolerate no impact to production. Working hand-in-hand with CDS’ professional services team, CDS partner Sequel Data Systems seamlessly conducted the migration to new storage in two months – start to finish – delighting the customer.

One of the largest pharmacy store chains in America – specializing in prescriptions, health and wellness products, health information, and photo services – was referred to Cirrus Data when it needed to migrate out of its VMware 5.0/5.1 environment directly to VMware 6.7 easily and quickly with minimal downtime and impact to its business.

A medical imaging company that provides radiology services for over 2000 providers in the United States was moving off its end-of-maintenance storage to two new Pure Storage //X50 FlashArrays at two data centers. The parties involved only had a few months to migrate 160TB of data off the six Nimble arrays, and the company had zero tolerance for any impact to applications, databases, or workloads, so they were particularly sold on CMO’s Intelligent Quality of Service (iQoS).

A major health insurance provider needed to remotely migrate its critical databases and applications across the county from a physical data center relying on mainframe-based zLinux LPARs to a modern IBM Cloud in nine months using a limited 1GB ethernet WAN connection. Making matters more complicated, it needed to minimize downtime and maintain stringent SLAs on essential applications and simultaneously transition on the same night to the IBM cloud. Testing and retesting to ensure a fast and efficient cutover was critical.