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Customer TypeMedical Imaging Service Provider
Customer SectorHealthcare
Source StorageHPE Nimble
Target StoragePure Storage //X50 FlashArray
Host Types100+ Windows VMs
Host ApplicationsDatabases
Replication TypeLocal
Number of appliances2x Cirrus Migrate Appliances + Migrate CMOv Agents
Insertion MethodVirtual




• Customer had hard deadline for removal of old storage

• Data storage needed consolidation from six HPE Nimble arrays to two Pure Storage arrays at two different sites

• Due to the nature of the customer’s business in the medical field, there was zero tolerance for downtime

• Partner recommended Cirrus Migrate On-Premises for the migration

• iQoS migrated data with maximum throughput while simultaneously adhering to host requirements for minimal production impact

• Cirrus Data Professional Services assisted customer with unrelated host issues

• 160TB of data was migrated from old storage to new with no impact to production operations

• Entire project was completed on-time and within budget

• Partner gave Cirrus Migrate On-Premises high marks noting “we couldn’t be happier with the migration project.”


A medical imaging company that provides radiology services for over 2000 providers in the United States was moving off its six HPE Nimble iSCSI arrays at two different data centers over to one Pure Storage //X50 FlashArray at each site. The parties involved only had a few months to migrate 160TB of data off the six Nimble arrays before they reached the end of maintenance. Cirrus Data’s storage partner, Pure Storage, recommended Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) as the quickest and easiest method to migrate the data to the new array within the time alloted. Since the storage systems were online 24/7, the company had zero tolerance for any impact to applications, databases, or workloads, so they were particularly sold on CMO’s Intelligent Quality of Service (iQoS), which monitors the migration progress from start to finish and throttles back the migration when the individual source volumes are more active, and ramps it up when they are less active.

Cirrus Data’s Professional Services team worked alongside the storage vendor to install the CMO migration appliances and configure the migrations themselves. Initially, the HPE Nimble connection manager had an issue providing access through the CMO appliances, but after further analysis, Cirrus Data support determined that the issue was with the connection manager software. Once the services were disabled, the CMO appliances inserted properly and the migration was initiated.

No other issues occurred with the migrations or cutovers to the new Pure Storage arrays, and the support team received high marks from the customer, who noted the following: “Cirrus Data Professional Services worked with us step-by-step until the initial issue was resolved, and remained with our IT staff all the way through unrelated troubleshooting problems on our client hosts even though they were not obligated to do so. Their staff proved to be professional and competent storage and migration experts whose expertise was invaluable. The whole migration process was simple and easy because of CMO. We couldn’t be happier with the migration project.”

In the end, the customer was able to retire all six HPE Nimble arrays prior to the project deadline, and the migration project lead offered, “CMO is a great tool to migrate data. I would highly recommend the tool as well as Cirrus Data Professional Services to perform similar storage array migrations.”