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Customer TypeHealthcare Network (Hospitals & GPO)
Customer SectorHealthcare
Source StorageHPe 3PAR 7400 and T800
Target StoragePure
Number of Hosts & Clusters17
Host TypesWindows, Linux, ESX
Host ApplicationsSharePoint, Lync, Exchange DAG, MSSQL cluster, Oracle RAC
Replication TypeLocal
Number of DMS and model4 x CMO4000
Insertion MethodStorage Side with CMO Switch




• Large environment (few dozen LUNs per host, cluster with 56 initiators, individual hosts/clusters using over a hundred terabyte each)

• Large LUN sizes – many from 2TB to 16TB

• Customer was experiencing intermittent errors on source array

• Not all LUNs would be migrated

• Customer wanted to perform migration configuration

• CDS served as SME to partner, and reviewed all configuration parameters, provided technical procedures

• CMO’s automated process for device discovery for current SAN, and auto-allocated destination LUNs, performed migration LUN matching

• With CMO inserted, CDS engineers discovered source of the intermittent error – a hardware issue on two target ports

• CDS proposed disabling the ports, and the issue was resolved after customer performed suggested action

• Flexibility of CMO allowed individual LUNs to be included/excluded from the migration process

• CDS engineers helped customer isolate and resolve the intermittent errors occurring on the source storage

• CMO’s ease-of-use allowed customer to complete migration configuration with very little intervention

• Even after hardware issues were diagnosed and resolved, the project completed on time


This healthcare network, consisting of multiple hospitals and a group purchasing organization (GPO), decided to refresh its storage from HPE 3PAR to Pure Storage. In planning the data migration, the most formidable challenge was its large environment with many LUNs ranging in size from 2TB up to 16TB. Further complicating the migration planning, the customer was experiencing an intermittent error on a source storage array. Finally, due to the sensitive information on the arrays, the client preferred to perform the migration configuration with its own team, relying very little on outside assistance.

Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS) has a reputation for providing quick, secure, and easy data migrations with Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) featuring the unique patented Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology. For this migration Cirrus Data acted as a trusted advisor, reviewing all configuration parameters for the data migration project and lending their expertise when planning technical procedures. CMO’s auto-discovery and auto-allocation features were used to discover the current SAN and locate the destination LUNs, reducing the complexity and duration of this data migration.

Cirrus Data’s technical staff worked closely with the client to identify the cause of the intermittent error on its source storage array. While using CMO in the data path, CDS engineers were able to pinpoint the area of the issue, shortening the time to resolution. The customer was fully involved in every step of the migration configuration process. Thanks to CMO’s ease of use, the complex migration completed on time, despite the hardware issue encountered on the source storage. Once the error was resolved, the entire migration was performed with little intervention from the CDS team.