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Customer TypeHealthcare Service Group
Customer SectorHealthcare
Source StorageIBM FAStT
Target StorageNetApp
Number of Hosts & Clusters7
Host TypesWindows
Host ApplicationsClustered File Servers
Replication TypeRemote
Number of DMS and model2 x CMO8000
Insertion MethodHost Side




• Migrating Windows 2003 Server with dynamic volumes to Windows Server 2012

• Migrating from a New Mexico data center to a Texas data center

• New Mexico data center used FC, while Texas used iSCSI

• Migration and cutover were divided into four “waves”

• CMO’s Test View capability was used to validate solution and procedure for importing dynamic disks to Windows Server 2012

• CMO’s ease-of-use enabled partner to perform migration on their own schedule after a few hours or remote product training

• Migration took only four weeks from appliance deployment to migration completion

• Cutover of hosts were all successful on the first attempt


This healthcare service provider was refreshing its storage from IBM’s SAN Volume Controller (SVC) to NetApp block-based storage and needed to migrate their data remotely from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Houston, Texas. The service provider had engaged an outside technology company to manage its storage network and the migration project.

Initially, there was pushback from one of the storage architects at the technology company during a Cirrus Data demo of its Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO). The storage architect did not believe that Cirrus Data could perform the migration as easily as described. Due to this doubt, this data migration project began as a proof-of-concept for the technology company. One of the main requirements for the migration that caused the storage architect to be concerned over using CMO was the issue of migrating Windows 2003 Dynamic Volumes to Windows Server 2012. After Cirrus Data received validation from Microsoft that this would be possible using the CMO appliances, the head of the technology company’s storage solutions division allowed Cirrus Data to prove the effectiveness of its migration technology by performing a POC in the customer’s environment.

Within weeks of Cirrus Data shipping the CMO appliances to the customer site, the migration was executed flawlessly by the technology company with limited training or assistance from Cirrus Data’s Partner Enablement team. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and the company was so impressed with the CMO solution as well as Cirrus Data’s dedicated support throughout the project that they executed a purchase order for the POC equipment immediately. Additionally, they signed up as a Cirrus Data Partner. Throughout the process, they saw the exceptional value in using CMO for future migrations at other customer engagements. This is a testament to the power of CMO and to Cirrus Data’s commitment to its partners’ and customers’ success.