Discover how our data migration solutions help government IT teams move to the future.

The simplicity of Cirrus Migrate On-Premises allowed a CDS partner to perform insertion, migration, and cut-over smoothly with minimal training and with very little assistance from Cirrus Data, since only storage experts with certain governmental clearances could get hands-on access to the storage systems.

A state government’s IES division needed to migrate a large amount of data belonging to AIX with VIO client hosts over to new storage. No changes could be made to the hosts or the fibre channel fabric, due to SAN environment issues and AIX with VIO’s sensitivity to storage target port changes.

A public west-coast county government with a thriving business economy and population of three million needed to keep pace with its dynamic community and upgrade its IT infrastructure with state-of-the-art, all-flash storage. The county was sensitive to downtime, with multiple multi-node SQL clusters needing to quickly be moved to the new storage.