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Customer TypePublic West Coast County
Customer SectorGovernment
Source StorageHPE 3Par
Target StoragePure //X70 FlashArray
Host TypesAIX with VIO
Host ApplicationsMS SQL Database
Replication TypeLocal
Number of DMS and model2 x CMO8000
Insertion MethodPath Insertion




• A non-disruptive deployment for block migration

• Limited insertion and migration windows

• Databases require minimum impact on production performance

• CMO8000’s inserted with no downtime

• CMO iQoS used to reduce or eliminate any impact to production environment

• pMotion allowed use of new storage without need to schedule immediate cutover

• CMO migration was performed as data was actively being used

• Project completed in one month

• Customer gave the CMO solution and Cirrus Data high marks


A public west coast county of 3 million is the home of exciting professional sports, a wide range of tourist attractions and quality venues for visual and performing arts. They boast a thriving business economy and a well-educated work force. The County is a regional service provider and planning agency whose core businesses include public safety, public health, environmental protection, regional planning, public assistance, social services and aviation.

All of this means they are sensitive to downtime and have to keep pace for their dynamic community. This county chose to upgrade their IT infrastructure with start-of-the-art all-flash storage from Pure Storage and they needed to move to it quickly with minimal downtime. Pure Storage chose to use Cirrus Data Solutions to seamlessly migrate from their legacy HPE 3Par array to their new X70 FlashArray.

The project consisted of the most critical SQL databases run on two node clusters which needed to be moved to the Pure X70 Storage for improved customer responsiveness and best application performance. Cirrus Data quickly and efficiently moved the data to the new Pure Array.

The county was very happy and stated “Cirrus Migrate On-Premises is a great migration tool with many tunable parameters to ensure migrations are done quickly and cutovers are completed within downtime windows. They migrated data to the Pure Storage platform quickly and efficiently. Tremendous team effort.”

The entire project was completed in 1 Month, migrating data during the county’s on-line day and coordinating smooth cutovers to the new infrastructure when the county was able.