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Customer TypeCentral American Partner for Local Bank
Customer SectorFinancial
Source StorageHPE 3PAR
Target StoragePure //X20
Number of Hosts & ClustersVaried
Host TypesLinux, Windows
Host ApplicationsVaried
Number of CMO and model2x Standard CMO Appliances




• Customer had hard deadline for removal of old storage

• CMO appliances had significant fully landed shipping costs

• Partner had never used Cirrus Data products prior to this engagement

• No Cirrus Data PS was available for on-site configuration

• Partner acquired off-the-rack servers locally, while Cirrus Data shipped appliance license key and fiber channel cards to partner

• Cirrus Data PS assisted partner with final CMO hardware configuration and setup

• pMotion facilitated immediate retirement of old source storage

• 60TB of data was migrated from old storage to new within a couple days with zero downtime

• Customer achieved a 50% performance improvement by using new storage and retiring old storage even before final cutover

• Entire project was completed within a two-month deadline

• Partner gave Cirrus Migrate On-Premises high marks for the project, calling it “efficient and flawless”


With offices in every region of the world, Cirrus Data has addressed the needs of its data migration partners and customers across the globe for over a decade. Unfortunately, some areas impose significant duties and taxes when receiving Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) equipment even for loan, occasionally pushing the budgets beyond what would be comfortable for a partner and its customers.

Although our Cirrus Migrate Cloud offers a no-appliance solution for block data migration, a new partner in Central America had viewed our YouTube explainer videos and had been briefed on our solution years prior, and wanted to use the traditional appliance-based option to move the data for a large local bank. The customer was in the middle of a tech refresh which included new Cisco SAN switches and a new Pure //X20 storage array and needed a quick way to get data off its old HPE 3PAR storage.

As the partner was performing this refresh for a bank, data integrity and security as well as minimal downtime were key requirements, and Cirrus Data’s stellar reputation for securely handling the data of sensitive Fortune 100 clients was well documented. As Cirrus Data and the partner continued discussing the project, it was determined that simply getting the appliances to the customer data center would significantly increase the budget due to the fully landed cost of getting the appliances onsite.

To help the partner win the project and keep the customer happy, Cirrus Data Professional Services worked with the partner in Central America to procure locally and configure in-house a set of CMO appliances. Cirrus Data shipped the partner a license key for the software, along with the fiber channel cards to be used in the project, resulting in a significant cost savings over shipping out and returning full appliances even to the closest CDS office.

Although this was the partner’s first time using CMO, the configuration and installation went smoothly, and they noted “we encountered no challenges during this migration – data movement was smooth, and the complete low-level data copy happened without any data loss.”

From start to finish, the project took two months to conduct, and the customer saved money by taking the old storage without downtime, even as they took advantage of a 50% performance increase with the new array. “Simple, fast, and accurate” is how the solution was described by the partner. All the customer’s data was moved in a day and a half, and the partner couldn’t stop praising the experience using CMO – “efficient and flawless.”