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Customer TypeState Bank
Customer SectorBanking
Source Storage6x HDS
Target Storage1x HDS, 3x Pure Storage
Number of Hosts & Clusters182 (337 initiators)
Host TypesWindows (Physical)
Host ApplicationsFile Servers, Informatica, Mail Server, SQL Cluster
Replication TypeLocal
Number of DMS and model4x DMS8000, 2x DMS4000
Insertion MethodStorage Side VSAN




• Customer requested all migration tasks to be performed by internal resources

• Data from non-migrating hosts could not be exposed to the migration process

• Maintenance schedules mandated that multiple hosts could not be cutover at the same time

• Multiple source arrays needed to be migrated to multiple destination arrays

• CDS coordinated a pilot test with the customer, including migration of only one host, with the customer performing all subsequent DMS appliance setup and host migration

• DMS intercepted storage ports not currently in use, and production hosts were moved to the intercepted storage ports as maintenance schedules allowed

• Auto-Allocation allowed DMS to perform all functions related to LUN creation and LUN matching

• Auto-Provisioning allowed DMS to perform all LUN assignments

• DMS allowed insertion with no production impact, and no production outage throughout the many migration phases until cut-over to new storage

• DMS facilitated migration of all LUNs from any source array to any destination array

• Customer completed the migration on time, below budget, and without any hiccups, despite complexity and requirements of the migration phases

• Entire project was completed in just over two months, almost entirely by customer (budgeted five days of onsite CDS Professional Services and five days of remote CDS Professional Services—only two onsite days were used)

• Automation features included in DMS eliminated storage management tasks and human error


A state bank with a very large footprint and many in-state locations needed to migrate its data from six Hitachi arrays to three Pure Storage arrays and one Hitachi HDS. The project was brought to Cirrus Data when one of their partners did not have IT resources available when the customer wanted to implement the Data Migration Server (DMS) solution and migrate their data. In this instance, the partner contracted with CDS to provide installation and support services.

Despite budgeting a total of ten days of local and remote professional services, after two days of onsite services and less than four hours of online training, the bank’s IT services team was completely up to speed with the DMS solution. After an initial pilot migration performed alongside the CDS team that included migration of one host, the bank’s internal IT team was able to perform all project management and migration tasks seamlessly on their own. The only subsequent assistance requested by the customer was instruction on the cut-over process of a Microsoft SQL cluster, and that information was readily available in a Knowledge Base article on the CDS support site.

Many factors added up to the tremendous amount of time this customer saved by using DMS. This customer took advantage of our Auto-Allocation and Auto-Provisioning features and automated the entire LUN process, including creation, assignment, and matching of source and designation LUNs. This can add up to weeks’ worth of manual tasks for some customers. DMS is simple enough for a customer’s IT team to use proficiently after only a half-day of training, even when the migration itself is far from simple due to requirements and industry regulations. Many DMS customers, like this customer, choose to save substantially by performing migrations almost entirely on their own.

In the end, the project was completed almost entirely by the bank’s IT services team—under budget and on time, without any issues.