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Customer TypeMajor Banking Corporation
Customer SectorBanking
Source Storage2xEMC DMX
Target StoragePure Storage
Number of Hosts & Clusters37
Host TypesWindows, Linux
Host ApplicationsExchange, SQL, File Servers, NAS
Replication TypeLocal
Number of DMS and model4 x CMO4000
Insertion MethodStorage Side VSAN




• Budget issues eliminated service contract with a vendor, requiring customer to perform migration

• Existing fibre channel connections could not be touched, and access to data center was tightly controlled

• A maintenance schedule for OS patching was higher in priority than the migration project, possibly delaying the migration scheduling

• Access to the data center was tightly controlled

• CDS provided installation support and trained the customer for migration configuration and cutover

• VSAN insertion method was used to put CMO into the data path using dedicated migration target ports on the DMX

• Customer configured the appliance with remote assistance from CDS, so no access was needed from previous vendor

• Host groups were used in different migration waves, allowing migration to occur around the patching schedule

• Customer was able to lower their costs by performing some of the installation and migration tasks with remote assistance from CDS

• There was no noticeable performance impact throughout the migration project

• Customer and CDS only needed to be at data center once, to connect cables and configure appliance

• Transparent insertion and smooth cutover process ensured timely completion of project


A major banking corporation needed to migrate a large amount of data from two EMC DMX’s to a Pure Storage array. The company had budget issues that required them to perform this migration without the support of a third-party data migration vendor. In addition, the SAN was located in a tightly controlled data center where existing fibre channel connections could not be touched. CDS provided some installation support and trained the customer in the migration configuration and cutover process of Cirrus Migrate On-Premises, after which they were able to perform the entire process with very little remote support. Since OS upgrades took priority during the maintenance window, migration was put off until those upgrades were performed, where only a limited number of client hosts were included in each CMO migration “wave.”

In the end, there were no production outages during the insertion or migration process, and there was no noticeable impact to production. Despite tight deadlines and priority given to functions other than migration, the project was completed on time and with a significant cost savings since the customer performed the migration directly.