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Customer TypeEnergy Delivery & Constructions Materials Group
Customer SectorEnergy
Source StorageDell Compellent (iSCSI)
Target StorageDELL/EMC Unity FC All-Flash Array
Number of Hosts & ClustersMultiple Multi-node Clusters
Host TypesWindows Server
Host ApplicationsMS SQL Clusters
Replication TypeLocal
Number of CMO and model2 x CMO8000
Insertion MethodPath Insertion




• A non-disruptive deployment using block migration

• Limited insertion and migration windows

• Minimum impact on production performance

• Migration solution must migration from FC to iSCSI Source Storage to FC Destination

• CMO8000 physically inserted with zero downtime

• CMO iQoS used to reduce or eliminate any impact to production environment

• Simultaneous migration of both sites can be accomplished using remote migration, with data consolidated on destination storage

• Block migration can be conducted across SANs, from iSCSI to FC storage

• CMO performed flawlessly

• CMO migration was performed with no impact to production

• Project completed ahead of schedule – insertion, migration, and cutover completed by the second weekend

• Customer praised the simplicity of the CMO solution


A US-based energy delivery and construction materials group serving over a million customers was looking to replace its Dell Compellent iSCSI storage array and move to a new Dell Unity fibre channel array as its aging storage was reaching end-of-maintenance and end-of-life status. The company had engaged with a Cirrus Data partner to perform the migration from the old storage to the new storage, and the partner recommended Cirrus Data’s Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) as the best tool for the migration.

The company was eager to take advantage of the vastly improved performance of the Dell Unity storage, as it had a number of critical SQL databases running on multi-node clusters and were looking to improve the speed of their business analytics processing.

With its current storage reaching EOL, the company was under a time crunch to get all its data migrated and would be cutting over to the new storage during a weekly maintenance window.

When the appliances arrived onsite, the customer installed the CMO appliances at the data center during scheduled weekend activity. The data migration process was expected to take several weeks, but the migration of all data was completed ahead of schedule. As expected, all applications were cutover to the new storage quickly and with no data integrity or application issues. The company noted that there was no impact to production workflows or processes during migration, and that the CMO appliances were easy to install and configure in its environment. From start to finish, the entire data migration process – including CMO insertion, data migration, and final cutover – was accomplished within one week.