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Customer TypeMajor Automotive Retail Group
Customer SectorAutomotive
Source StorageLegacy HP EVA Arrays
Target StoragePure Storage
Number of Hosts & Clusters25
Host TypesWindows 2008/2010/2012, Red Hat Linux
Host ApplicationsExchange 2010, SQL 2008, Web Services WSI, SQL DB, QlikView
Replication TypeLocal (2 sites)
Number of DMS and model1 x CMO8000
Insertion MethodPhysically




• A non-disruptive deployment using block migration

• Minimum impact on production performance

• Migration solution must be cost-effective and Pure-recommended

• CMO 8000 physically inserted outside of business hours

• Host by host migration of Primary Site from legacy HP EVA array to new Pure platform performed by our partner Computacenter

• Migration of legacy HP EVA array to new Pure platform at DR Site performed by the client

• CMO performs flawlessly

• Computacenter CMO migration service provided a high level of customer satisfaction

• Project completed on schedule, resulting in a very pleased customer singing the praises of the CMO solution and the PS service delivery


The catalyst for this data migration project was a storage refresh. The customer, a considerable automotive retail group with 5000 retail locations throughout the United Kingdom, decided to update its existing legacy storage solution with a Pure Storage platform. They were migrating two sites in the UK from legacy HP EVA arrays to a Pure Storage platform. The customer requested that its partner perform the Primary Site migration, but the customer wished to perform the migration of the Disaster Recovery (DR) site on its own. An easy to use data migration solution was critical. Also, of high importance was a migration that was non-disruptive and had a minimum impact on production performance.

When the client asked Pure for a recommendation for data migration, Pure recommended Cirrus Data’s Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) for block-level data migration. With that recommendation, CDS presented and demonstrated CMO’s capabilities at the client’s UK headquarters. There were two sites that required migration, a Primary Site and a Disaster Recovery (DR) Site. After a change in partners midstream, the client chose Computacenter to assist in the data migration. The customer requested that Computacenter perform the migration at the Primary Site, while performing the migration of the DR Site themselves, utilizing the company’s own IT professionals.

This was Computacenter’s first customer data migration using CMO, and with help from CDS, the migration of the Primary site went seamlessly. In fact, Computacenter is standardizing all future block migrations on CDS’ CMO. After the successful Primary Site migration, the CMO appliance was moved to the DR site and the customer’s own IT professionals performed the data migration themselves without issues. This truly demonstrates how easy data migration can be using CMO.

The customer was thrilled with both the flawless performance of CMO and the level of service they received from both CDS and Computacenter. They performed both the migrations outside of business hours, therefore minimizing the impact on production. As a retail driven organization, the minimal impact on production performance was extremely important. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. According to the customer, both Computacenter and CDS delivered a high level of customer satisfaction.