Cloud Migration

Migrate Legacy SANs to Virtual or Cloud

When migrating data, why use tools that aren’t suited to the task? The CDS Data Migration Server (DMS) is specifically built and optimized for low-impact data migration.

Cloud Migration Diagram

A Fresh Approach to Cloud / Virtual Migration

Transform legacy storage systems into virtual environments (private cloud) or migrate physical and virtual environments to a hosted cloud environment (public cloud). Physical DMS appliances install with zero downtime and intercept data flowing between source disks and client hosts, while the DMS-V virtual appliances write to VMware datastores (VMFS or NFS volumes) at the new local or remote datacenter.

The solution is scalable, low-impact, and can reduce migration bandwidth requirements by up to five times. The architecture of the application system after migration is identical to the original physical environment, with the new destination storage residing at a local or remote datacenter.

Download our Storage Migration for Virtual/Cloud Environments whitepaper today and see how Cirrus Data Solutions can help you migrate your legacy storage to a virtual or cloud environment.

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