This year, we welcomed two veterans of the data storage industry to our Cirrus Data team to take the reins of our expansion in Europe. We are very pleased to welcome Elias Y. Biam, Director of Business Development EMEA and Aidan McArdle, EMEA Partner Enablement Director to our team. Aidan worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) for 17 years, focusing on enterprise storage, servers and operating systems; including 10 years as a data migration specialist at HPE Ireland. Aidan became familiar with Cirrus Data’s technology at HPE where he was part of the team that decided HPE would standardize on Cirrus Data’s Data Migration Server (DMS) as HPE’s data migration product of choice for third party migrations. Elias has worked in the IT industry, specializing in data center solutions since 1990 with experience at Compaq and Hewlett Packard (HP), and subsequently FalconStor where he developed channels and enterprise business in Europe, establishing a multimillion-dollar business there.

Both Elias and Aidan recognize tremendous opportunity for growth in the European market for Cirrus Data. They are both equally confident that now is the time to seize the myriad of opportunities in that region. DMS is a unique solution in the industry for delivering non-intrusive data migration and data management. CDS’ architecture establishes them as a pioneer in data migration and both Elias and Aidan are focused on establishing endorsements from local system integrators as well as large enterprises in the European marketplace.

In the European market, they are observing enterprises moving towards all-flash and cloud storage and when they upgrade their data storage solutions they want CDS to be the first name organizations think of for migrating and managing their data. CDS is well-positioned to meet the requirements of any and every business, as DMS truly fits the needs of every migration. Also, as of May, every organization in Europe or those with business with European customers will be forced to look at how they process data when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. GDPR will force every business to abide by a set of regulations that govern how they use, control, and secure European citizens’ personal information. GDPR will offer CDS another great opportunity to help European enterprises cope with these strict data management regulations.

With their considerable experience in Europe, both Elias and Aidan are familiar the largest and most influential enterprises in Europe and are ready to tap into their connections to help CDS introduce themselves properly. They plan to primarily focus on the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, followed closely by Eastern Europe. Elias’ goals for 2018 include establishing a strong channel of well-known systems integrators and solid end user references across Europe by the end of 2018. Aidan also stressed the importance of maintaining the CDS high standard of data migrations with these partners and customers and ultimately help CDS succeed in the marketplace. Together, they will work to help CDS gain visibility and establish a strong foothold in the European marketplace securing DMS as the global standard for data migration and data management.

Both Aidan and Elias see tremendous opportunities ahead for CDS. According to Aidan, “DMS is hands-down the best storage migration product I have seen, designed to automate 99% of the complex, risky tasks associated with data migration and therefore, simplifying and reducing the risk of data migration. Our patented TDI technology is the magic sauce.” Elias not only sees the value of DMS, but also having worked with our CEO, Wayne Lam, previously he sees the value of a leader who is a visionary and technology expert. Elias wrapped up our interview by expressing why he joined Cirrus Data, “I want to be a part of it (CDS) because I believe in doing exceptional things. I’m motivated by the uniqueness of CDS in the marketplace and by Wayne and the exceptional team he has built behind it.”

We wish Aidan and Elias success in their new positions and we are excited to watch how our European Expansion unfolds. For more information on CDS and our technology visit our website.