At Cirrus Data Solutions, one of our goals for 2018 is to strengthen our channel partner program in Europe. This success story highlights a highly regarded existing CDS partner in the UK, Computacenter, which recently completed its first migration project using Cirrus Data Solutions’ Data Migration Server (DMS). Because of the project’s success, Computacenter standardized on DMS for all block-level migrations.

This story began as a leading automotive retail group in the United Kingdom was ready to say goodbye to its legacy HPE StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) arrays and hello to its new Pure Storage Data Platform.

The automotive group maintains 5,000 retail locations throughout the UK and had two key sites that needed migration; a Primary Site and a Disaster Recovery (DR) Site. The criteria were very clear: first—an easy to use data migration solution was critical, and second—the migration could not disrupt operations.

Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS) has extensive experience supporting hundreds of successful migrations from legacy storage architectures to the new Pure Storage data platform. The Pure Storage teams across the globe have experienced the benefits of planning a data migration with purpose-built technology.

As Pure Storage worked with the automotive retailer planning the installation of its new storage architecture, the company didn’t hesitate to recommend the Cirrus Data Solutions’ Data Migration Server (DMS) for block-level data migration of the two sites that required migration.

This retailer itself also brought in our partner Computacenter to assist in the deployment of its new storage environment. In addition to being experienced with Pure Storage technology, Computacenter is a CDS partner certified to complete data migrations across the United Kingdom. CDS worked together alongside Computacenter to perform the migration at the Primary Site. Subsequently, upon the retailer’s request, the data migration at the DR Site was performed using the automotive retailer’s internal IT professionals. This was Computacenter’s first customer data migration using DMS, and with help from CDS the migration of the Primary Site was seamless. After the successful Primary Site migration, the DMS appliance was moved to the DR site and the retailer’s IT team was able to perform the data migration themselves without issues.

The automotive group was thrilled with the simplicity and flawless performance of DMS. Since the company is customer-facing, the minimal impact on production performance was extremely important. With DMS, the retailer was able to efficiently use all available bandwidth – dynamically – without having to guess at a static migration rate.

CDS and Computacenter understood what was at stake for this business. The migrations were performed outside of business hours, minimizing the impact on production. The DMS’s intelligent QoS (iQoS) approach meant much faster data migrations and the highest possible quality of service on their SAN, all the time. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. CDS was proud to work with Computacenter and received high accolades for its ability to meet the rigorous expectations.

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