Storage Data Migration … Simplified

Easy Migration from Any Host, Any OS, Any Storage to Any Location

Cirrus Data Solutions’ DMS for data migration allows enterprises and service providers to easily migrate block-level data from any host, any OS and any storage array to any location. Powered by the patented Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology, DMS eliminates the need to reboot, change multi-path drivers or modify existing SAN zoning when migrating data, ultimately removing risk normally associated with other data migration solutions. Whether your network is fibre-channel, iSCSI, or both, DMS provides a single solution that can migrate data locally in the same data center or remotely including to the cloud over IP using native encryption and compression.

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Automating Data Migration

Automated storage provisioning and allocation eliminates the chance for human error during one of the most tedious phases of the migration process. Developed for a range of storage solutions, the included DMS storage plug-ins significantly reduce time by automatically provisioning and allocating new storage directly from the migration session. DMS creates the volumes, names them and pairs them with the correct source volumes for migration, easy!

Migrate Data on Time

The unique DMS iQoS (Intelligent QoS) using a real-time I/O assessment of the source volumes to invoke throttling or acceleration of migration jobs based on criteria specified by you. This feature also enables time-based rules for the same criteria where we can speed up or slow down migrations based on your business calendar.

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Cutover When You Want To

No cutover downtime available? No problem! Using the patented pMotion technology for DMS, you can postpone the final cutover until your business is ready. By using DMS to emulate the legacy storage system while servicing I/O from your new storage system after the data has migrated, you can quickly retire the legacy storage from your data center. By removing the maintenance and support costs along with any potential for reduced reliability or performance of the legacy storage, you can achieve ROI on the new storage even faster!

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