In the event of a disaster, how will you protect your critical data? Cirrus Data Cloud, the solution you rely on for your data migration needs, includes data management capabilities that provide heterogeneous local and remote data protection.

Built on the industry-proven Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI), Cirrus Data Cloud delivers true heterogeneous data protection. Enterprises and managed service providers alike can now use the flexible Cirrus Data Cloud platform to transparently move and synchronize data to and from physical and virtual storage locally, remotely, and to the cloud. Unlike traditional approaches, the migration is done without disruption to business operations. The data protection and disaster recovery functionality in Cirrus Data Cloud delivers the industry’s best RPO / RTO performance that exceeds even the most stringent customer requirements.


With Cirrus Data Cloud, you have one seamless integration point with any storage array. The secondary storage can take consistent snapshots of the primary array’s data. 

Why does it matter? Your data is likely your most valuable asset. With Cirrus Protect On-Premises used as a permanent data protection/disaster recovery tool in the data center, you have a universal storage synchronization solution across different storage brands. The secondary storage can be within the same data center or remote. The built-in compression/encryption over TCP / IP feature can securely replicate data with 5 to 10 times bandwidth savings over unlimited distance. 

How does data protection across multiple sites with multi-directional replication and failover/failback capability sound? 


  • Perform Seamless Data Tapping for data integrity and security
  • Add Continuous Data Protection to your environment for total data recovery including surgical repair
  • Cut Storage Costs and increase storage efficiency dramatically
  • Achieve Full Data Mobility and migrate data from any source to any source (local, remote, cloud)