Cirrus Data Solutions wraps up its Summer of Customer Success with some highlights from one of our largest block data migration projects to date, for one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Financial institutions are some of the most highly regulated enterprises, especially with respect to data storage. The combination of legislation enacted by governments around the globe concerning consumer data privacy, the collection and safeguarding of private financial information, and secure storage requirements, the challenges with data storage and migration for financial institutions have become monumental. Add to this “perfect storm” the complexity created by the 7/24/365 nature of the global banking transaction system and it’s easy to see why the new storage vendor chose Cirrus Data and Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO) to help its customer migrate a massive amount of data remotely across eight data centers; all with no impact to the underlying production applications.

Cirrus Data support staff, its OEM project team, as well as the storage vendor itself and the customer’s management all coordinated activity over the course of over a year to bring this project to success. You can read all about this week’s story here, our final case study in Cirrus Data’s Summer of Customer Success! Thanks so much for joining us! Hope you had a great summer!