Cirrus Data Solutions today releases the penultimate case study in our Summer of Customer Success, this one involving one of North America’s largest and oldest automakers.

Over the last decade, company after company has called upon Cirrus Data to help them with emergency migrations of block data from failing or aging storage. Beyond straight-up rescues, the next highest level of emergency after “failure” seems to be companies calling us about pending dramatic increases in maintenance costs following the expiration of initial storage contracts. We’re often called in to help with those storage take-outs, since they usually involve some of the world’s largest companies about to make some of the world’s largest storage payments if they can’t get onto another platform within a certain limited frame of time.

In this case, the company didn’t even have a workable maintenance window within which to move the clients off the old storage to the new once the data had been migrated. Using Cirrus Data’s patented pMotion – which transparently redirects client I/O from old storage to new without downtime – during the migration, this wasn’t a problem. The final cutover could simply be deferred indefinitely until a maintenance window was eventually available. The old storage could also be removed and returned prior to that final cutover, saving the customer potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in storage costs.

You can read all about this week’s story here, then be sure to come back next Wednesday for our final case study in Cirrus Data’s Summer of Customer Success!