Cirrus Data Solutions continues its Summer of Customer Success with another case study, this one from a few years ago, involving a luxury hospitality chain with two dozen hotels across Canada and the United States.

Corporations are often hesitant to move to all-new storage architectures and/or infrastructures, even when the change can result in huge benefits to speed and reliability. This “data friction” – defined as the costs in time, energy, and attention required simply to collect, store, move, receive, and access data – is no reason to stay stuck with a particular type of storage technology or array. Cirrus Migrate On-Premises and Cirrus Migrate Cloud were created to remove data friction from any storage infrastructure analysis.

What if you could just decide where you want your block data to reside, and let Cirrus do the rest? 

That’s what today’s Customer Success story is all about. This North American hospitality chain wanted to move from its legacy fiber-channel storage to a software-defined infrastructure to take advantage of promised ease-of-scale and streamlined management. The partner chosen to undergo the project had already used Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (then known as DMS) for prior migrations and were aware of our CMO plug-in for the new hyperconverged storage which made allocating the new storage super-easy. Our new Cirrus Migrate Cloud features the same plugins, but we’ll save that tale for another upcoming success story!

You can read all about this week’s story here, then be sure to come back next Wednesday for yet another brand new entry of Cirrus Data’s Summer of Customer Success!