Cirrus Data Solutions continues its Summer of Customer Success with another case study, this one from a partner in Central America who worked with Cirrus Data to resolve an issue where shipping Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (CMO – formerly DMS) appliances on-site would be cost prohibitive.

At Cirrus Data, we’ve found that shipping our traditionally loaned Cirrus Migrate On-Premises appliances to some Central American countries can sometimes cost more than the servers themselves. In the past, this somewhat limited our capabilities to support data management and migration partners in those countries. This was one reason our Cirrus Migrate Cloud was developed – to eliminate the need to ship, rack, and return migration appliances.

So what happens when a partner in one of these countries has its heart set on our tried-and-true migration appliances based on their extensive history of migration success with Fortune 100 companies all over the globe? In this case, the answer was to help the partner procure standard servers locally, and then convert them to CMO appliances with the remote assistance of the Cirrus Data Professional Services team.

You can read all about it here, then be sure to come back next Wednesday for yet another brand new entry of Cirrus Data’s Summer of Customer Success!