Cirrus Data Solutions continues its Summer of Customer Success with another case study, this one from a global financial advisory and consulting firm that had an issue with migration that is less common, but one that Cirrus Data has helped companies with when other migration solutions couldn’t.

Our Customer Success Stories often feature cases where customers needed their data migrated within a very tight deadline, or needed to make sure that users noticed no impact to production applications because the data had to be moved during normal business hours. It’s a little more rare that the customer doesn’t have easy access (or any access for that matter) to the storage array or even the data center where its data resides. In the past, Cirrus Data’s migration solutions required that appliances be deployed to plug into the storage area network. Even though these appliances could be inserted without production downtime, obviously they need physical access to the SAN where they’re being deployed.

Cirrus Migrate Cloud was developed using the same patented TDI technology used by our Cirrus Migrate On-Premises (formerly DMS) solution, but an added benefit of being a migration-as-a-service application is that customers and partners no longer need physical access to the source storage array or data center to migrate data to new storage. This makes CMC ideal for use where storage and application teams need to move data quickly and efficiently off old storage and up to the cloud or even to another physical storage array. As long as the host can gain access to the new storage, it’s possible to make a connection using CMC and to migrate the data.

Check out the results of such a use case here, then be sure to come back next Wednesday for yet another brand new entry of Cirrus Data’s Summer of Customer Success!