Migrating your entire workload to Microsoft Azure has never been easier.
Try CDS Data Migration With Microsoft Azure for free today.
We offer two trial options.

Migrate Your SAN In Just A Few Short Steps

From Your Azure Virtual Data Center

  • Create your free trial Microsoft Azure account
  • Use the CDS DMS-9000msaz template to create a DMS in Microsoft Azure
  • Power on the new DMS-9000msaz Azure virtual machine
  • Log in to the Azure DMS and create your migration target LUNs

From Your Local Data Center

  • Log into your ESX vSphere client and deploy the DMS-9000V vmdk file
  • Assign the DMS-9000V a set of existing VMDK or RDM test disks to be migrated

  • Power on the DMS-9000V and discover the newly-assigned disks to migrate

  • Enlist the discovered disks as migration resources

  • Add the Azure DMS virtual machine as a “CDS Storage Target”

  • Use the migration wizard and choose the source (ESX) and destination (Azure) disks

  • Start migration and monitor progress until completion

Contact Us for your Migration-To-Azure Trial

Option One: Small-scale VMware Environment

For migration of smaller-scale VMware environments, CDS offers a trial DMS-9000V that can be used to get a feel for how simple migration using DMS can be. Just install the VM in your environment, assign some LUNs, and migrate to Azure. Complete the form to the right, and select the Request VMDK for ESX checkbox. We will respond promptly with full instructions on setting up your ESX-to-Azure test environment, along with an ESX VMDK.

Option Two: Fibre Channel SAN Environment

For migration of larger-scale fibre channel SAN environments, contact us about setting up a demo or POC of the CDS DMS to see for yourself how easy it is to migrate your SAN environment to Microsoft Azure. Simply fill out the form to the right, and select the Request POC for FC SAN checkbox and we will respond quickly to your inquiry.