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A Healthcare Service Provider used DMS to migrate file server data running on Windows Server 2003 Dynamic Volumes to a remote datacenter in another state running a Windows Server 2012 cluster.

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Once inserted into the SAN environment, DMS helped identify a healthcare network’s intermittent storage array issues.

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CDS provided training and SME assistance to a medical equipment distributor for a data migration project. Using DMS, the company’s remote IT contractor performed the migration with no face-to-face contact with CDS, and did it under-budget and on time.

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CDS worked with multiple partners to ensure this pharmaceutical/healthcare giant’s data was successfully migrated from numerous SAN islands to a single dual-fabric SAN without any disruption to the production environment.

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HIPAA requirements and an extremely tight timeline jeopardized this Healthcare Case Management company’s data migration plans. DMS, implemented and administered by first-time CDS partner Contour Data Solutions, surpassed all expectations, resulting in Contour requiring DMS for all its future data migration projects.

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One of the largest health insurance organizations in the US was facing a tight deadline to retire its end-of-lease storage, and yet could tolerate no impact to production. Working hand-in-hand with CDS’ professional services team, CDS partner Sequel Data Systems seamlessly conducted the migration to new storage in two months – start to finish – delighting the customer.

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