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A major financial firm used DMS to migrate data at each of two sites operating 24/7. Application performance was critical throughout the migration process.

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Following a major bank merger in Europe, DMS was used to consolidate two large data centers with 20,000 LUNs on four storage arrays, over to a third data center. The customer also had a “no touch” policy in regard to its storage.

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A major banking corporation saw significant cost savings using DMS after budget cuts forced it to perform a large data migration project without the support of a migration services vendor.

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A state bank with a large local footprint and many locations used DMS to migrate a large amount of data between multiple arrays onto multiple new arrays, mostly without CDS assistance – on time and under budget..

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One of the world’s oldest stock exchanges was running up against an end-of-lease issue on its storage and needed a data migration solution that could run during active hours and which would eliminate the need for significant downtime. Using DMS, it turned what had previously been a 12-18 month project into a three-month project.

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When a major global accounting firm began to suffer application performance issues due to its to aging storage infrastructure, it used DMS’ unique pMotion feature to take immediate advantage of the significant performance improvements with its newly purchased storage. In addition, its was able to disconnect and retire its slow, unreliable legacy storage arrays while deferring actual new storage cutover for several months.

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A Fortune 500 financial services company had two months left on their data storage hardware support contract and enterprise license agreement and faced an astronomical penalty if it could not upgrade quickly to its new planned storage, but there was no downtime possible within the two-month window. Find out how Cirrus Data’s pMotion created a success story out of what could have been a nightmare.

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