Crypto WORM with Blockchain

In the previous posts in this series, we presented the basic cryptographic concepts and components of blockchain technologies, and also discussed the role blockchain plays in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While the allure of cryptocurrencies has brought fervent public fascination to blockchain, almost all related claims of fantastical use cases for products and applications of “Blockchain” are attempts to exploit the mystique manufactured from Bitcoin hype. Our posts provided concrete, specific, and detailed explanations supporting [...]

By |January 30th, 2019|

Miners of the Digital Coal in Cryptocurrencies

In the previous article, we discussed the basics of blockchain – namely, the fundamental concepts of hashes, asymmetric cryptography, and digital signatures. Hopefully that helped to demystify the “blockchain,” a concept which has been around forever. Its mundane, lonely existence is like all the other useful, yet boring technologies that are largely known only to the ranks of self-proclaimed “geeks.” The difference here is that the explosive rise of Bitcoin pushed blockchain into the mainstream, [...]

By |November 29th, 2018|

Customer Success Story: Simplifying Final Cutover with pMotion

One of the most difficult phases of planning or executing any data migration is the final cutover to the new storage. In most cases the final cutover equals immediate downtime. The downtime required for this migration cutover must generally be scheduled far ahead of time. Most migration tools require a significant investment of time spent on planning and executing the cutover which adds to the cost, resources, and risks required to move the data and [...]

By |October 30th, 2018|

Blockchain, the New, Hot Panacea

While I have not been particularly interested in cryptocurrencies, I've noticed recently that one of the techniques used in all crypto currencies – the blockchain – seems to have found a real or invented relevance to everything under the sun. Suddenly, everyone is talking about "blockchain," claiming it can be used for just about any purpose you'd care to mention. Since I happen to be quite familiar with public key cryptography, I decided to look [...]

By |October 18th, 2018|

A New Look and a Renewed Vision for Cirrus Data Solutions

Cirrus Data Solutions founders Wayne and Wai Lam had a vision when they created the company in 2011 – a vision to help organizations transform the way they manage their data.  The core of this vision has always been the revolutionary Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology which allows the addition of a host of data management services to a company’s data with no downtime and no changes to the infrastructure. TDI has primarily been used [...]

By |September 26th, 2018|
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