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Before joining Cirrus Data Solutions, Wai co-founded FalconStor Software in 2000, where he served as CTO and VP of Engineering. Wai was the chief architect, holding 18 of the 21 FalconStor patents. His inventions and innovations include many of industry’s “firsts,” in areas of advanced storage virtualization, data protection, and disaster recovery. Wai received a MSEE from UCLA, 1984, and BSEE from SUNY Stony Brook, 1982. He was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from Stony Brook in 2008.

Crypto WORM with Blockchain

In the previous posts in this series, we presented the basic cryptographic concepts and components of blockchain technologies, and also discussed the role blockchain plays in [...]

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Miners of the Digital Coal in Cryptocurrencies

In the previous article, we discussed the basics of blockchain – namely, the fundamental concepts of hashes, asymmetric cryptography, and digital signatures. Hopefully that helped to [...]

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Blockchain, the New, Hot Panacea

While I have not been particularly interested in cryptocurrencies, I've noticed recently that one of the techniques used in all crypto currencies – the blockchain – [...]

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Swim Across America 2018

Once a year I participate in the "Swim Across America – Sound to Cove" event to raise money for the search to find a cure for [...]

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