2023 Year in the Rearview Mirror

2023 was a rollercoaster ride for many. Macroeconomic uncertainty was balanced by groundbreaking technological achievements that pushed the boundaries. Generative AI dominated the headlines, while pragmatism and caution dictated corporate spending.

At Cirrus Data, innovation remained central to our progress. From new cloud mobility achievements to the release of the all-new Cirrus Migrate On-Premises, innovation remains a vital catalyst for our customers’ efficiency and productivity. Companies across the globe recognize that adopting the right new technologies will give them a competitive edge.

For some organizations, early decisions around the cloud resulted in buyer’s remorse with unplanned egress fees and budget overages. New “Virtual Cloud Arrays” offer a solution that delivers the best of both worlds. Businesses can now use cloud scalability and keep costs in line without sacrificing enterprise-grade storage features. Other companies that were more cautious about the cloud took significant steps in 2023 to determine how cloud (or multi-cloud) would improve their business. The media hype around the cloud lessened slightly to make room for the AI news, but cloud spending remained on its growth track.

In addition to AI and cloud, enterprise automation was top of mind in 2023. Today’s automation quest is driven by the need to reduce complexity, protect data integrity, and increase predictability. Cirrus Data extended its capabilities in late 2023 with data-migration-as-a-code. The new Cirrus Migrate Cloud data-migration-as-a-code functionality is designed for enterprises to increase their productivity and give them rapid scalability and better control over their data.

Looking ahead, businesses will accelerate the pace at which they are harnessing technology to accelerate their strategies. Success depends on an organization’s ability to do more than just cut costs. To thrive, increasing productivity must be the priority, with the right technology investments being critical for productivity increase, cost reduction, and the ability to unlock the benefits from new strategies. At Cirrus Data Solutions, our focus remains on making it easier for businesses to accelerate their adoption of new storage technologies and enabling business outcomes faster and with less risk.

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Happy New Year from all of us at Cirrus Data.

Data Mobility: 2023 Year in Review